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Take a swim with CÎME

by Anke De Boeck |

It's a hot, hot summer! Are you also looking for some refreshment? Thanks to two years of staycation we have lots of inspiration for you. Here comes our ecological swimming options.

But first... preparation & dedication is key!

Apply enough sun cream on a regular basis! You’re more likely to get burned near water and sand. Whilst swimming, the skin can burn faster because UV light easily penetrates clear water and sunscreens are partially rinsed off the skin. Both water and sand reflect the sunlight, so more UV radiation reaches the skin.

Don't you forget your hair! Your hair works a bit like a sponge and absorbs a lot of water. Our tip: wet your hair with clean water before you go for a swim. As a result, your hair will first absorb the clean water and much less of the chlorine or sea water. Want even more protection? Put some l’Huile by CÎME on your hair ends. Once you get out of the water, it is important not to let your hair dry with the chlorine or salt residues. To prevent this, you can wash your hair immediately after swimming. The Nuts About You shampoo and hand & body wash are the perfect combo to refresh your hair and skin.

Where to swim?

Maybe you have a swimming pool or swimming pond in your garden? Or you have a group of friends where you can linger in the water? Don’t panic if this is not the case. We have ten ecological options for you! 

  • Zilvermeer (Mol)
  • Klein Strand (Jabbeke)
  • Netepark (Herentals)
  • Vosselare Put (Deinze)
  • Nieuwdonk (Overmere)
  • Kelchterhoef (Houthalen)
  • De Mosten (Hoogstraten)
  • Ter Heide (Rotselaar)
  • Zwemvijver Boekenberg (Deurne)
  • Île d’Yvoir (Yvoir)
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