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Summer mode ON!

by Anke De Boeck |

Did you know that your skin has different needs in summer than in winter?
During the summer months, your skin produces more sebum and sweat, which causes your pores to clog faster. It also needs more hydration as in the winter. So... switch that routine!

What does your skin need in the summer?

In the summer, your skin will most likely be slightly more oily due to the warm weather. As a result, it will need less extra fatty acids than in winter. For example, people with normal, combination or oily skin will notice that their skin will be slightly more oily. For these people, we recommend switching to Daisy Delight in the summer, if you aren’t using it already.

Do you have dry skin? Then we advise you to evaluate for yourself if you need a lighter cream or prefer to stay with your Under my Skin cream. Each skin is unique and needs something different, so it is important that you also follow your own feeling.


During the summer months, your skin produces more sebum and sweat. Sebum can clog your pores. At the end of the day, it is important to remove all dirt to keep the skin clean. Use Recette de Pureté Cleansing Oil to deep clean & finish with Rosée de Roses to tone and refresh the skin.

Hydrate (with possibly a new day cream...)

Your skin produces more sebum thanks to the warm weather, but you still need to moisturize to avoid drying out your skin. Choose a light cream or gel to keep your face fresh. Daisy Delight is perfect for summer because the cream absorbs quickly and smoothes your skin. The aloe vera is very hydrating without being too heavy on your skin. If your skin is irritated by the sun, Daisy Delight will help soothe it.


CÎME’s day and night creams contain a natural sun protection due to the ingredients edelweiss and seabuckthorn. But when the sun is out and you expose your skin to the strong sun rays for a long time, you will need extra sun protection similar to SPF 30 or more. The sun will give your skin a nice tan, but in the long run it causes premature wrinkles, dark spots and it is very dangerous. For an extra boost after exposing your skin to the sun, you can mix a few drops of your serum with your day & night cream in the evening.

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