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It all started in the Himalayas...

… when my dad and I did a trekking in Ladakh, India.
This magnificent region and its myriad of high altitude plants delivering powerful and highly efficient plant extracts and oils, inspired us to create a range of skincare products, marrying the local traditional knowledge with modern science.

… and it resulted in a certified organic skin care range

-Back home, I developed the idea with my friend Isabel. Due to her sensitive skin, Isabel had become an expert in natural and organic beauty products. Having trouble to find natural skincare products that lived up to her standards, she was quickly convinced to develop a line of high quality and certified organic beauty products.

Isabel and I – at that time both lawyers – decided to switch careers and requested my dad, who has been in the business of organic plant extracts and oils for more than 30 years, to assist us in developing the products. 

Together we are the proud founders of CÎME.

- Anke

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