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5 tips to protect your skin from sun damage this summer!

by Leen Cammaerts |

Wearing sunscreen is the base to protect your skin from the sun. But no sunscreen can protect your skin for the full 100%. That's why we want to give you our 5 basic tips for optimal sun protection, all summer long!

1. Try to avoid the most intense hours of sunshine & seek shade if the sun feels too strong

Don't hesitate to find some shade from time to time, especially at midday when the UV rays are strongest. Even in the shade you have to take possible solar ray reflections into account from water, sand etc..


2. Wear protective clothing and good sunglasses

You don't have to parade around in a bikini all summer, right? Especially if you are sensitive to the sun, it’s a good idea to protect your skin with the necessary clothing. A cotton beach dress with long sleeves can look just as stunning! A wide-brimmed hat can protect your face and neck.


3. Enough sunscreen a day, keeps the sun burn away! 

  • Apply a  thick enough layer at least 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside.
  • Make sure you’ve covered your exposed body parts decently, especially near clothing edges. It has happened to everyone, with some bad luck you’ll have the strangest burn mark on your back for weeks - or even all summer - because you thought you could reach your that part way across your back ;).
  • Applying sunscreen once a day is not enough of course, apply every two hours!
  • Use waterproof sunscreen when going swimming, because UV rays are not blocked by water! Wet skin will also burn faster.

4. Check the weather forecast and the predicted UV index

The UV index expresses the intensity of the UV radiation. The higher the UV index, the more dangerous it is to stay in the sun unprotected and the faster your skin will burn. The UV intensity is determined by the position of the sun and not the °C on the thermomether.
If you look at the predictions, you can take this into account:

  • Weak UV index (UV 1 or 2): the sun protection in your favorite day and night cream is more than sufficient and you do not need extra protection.
  • Moderate or high UV index (3-5 or 6-7): you want to offer your skin more protection by using the necessary clothing, a hat and natural sun cream
  • Very high or extreme UV index (8-10 or 11): look for shade regularly, avoid the hot midday sun completely and protect your skin carefully!


5. Has the sun gotten to you anyway?

Even if you protect your skin carefully from the strong summer sun, things can still go wrong every now and then. Himalaya 29°N-81°E, our universal first aid balm, comes to the rescue! Spread a layer of the balm on the burnt, red spots. This will provide an instant soothing effect.

For sunburnt nose and cheeks, our Kissed by a Rose serum is a match made in heaven. Mix a few drops of the serum with your day and night cream for extra care and repair after prolonged exposure to UV light.

Green Tea Therapy
, our firming bodylotion is the ultimate summer boost for your skin. Our body lotion offers the ideal summer cocktail of ingredients to deeply hydrate your entire body when your skin has had a rough day in the sun.

To make your golden summer glow last, we have l'Huile by CÎME for deep hydration. Moisturize your skin after a refreshing shower with our beautifying dry oil to prevent your skin from drying out and prevent it from peeling. On top, l’Huile ensures a beautiful golden glow thanks to the carrot extract in our formula, giving your tan an extra boost!

Use our micellar water, Rosée de Roses, as the ideal refreshing tonic! Just spray some on your face during a hot summers day and feel free to repeat multiple times a day!

Inside tip from Carolien: Spray some l'Huile by CÎME into your Green Tea Therapy before massaging it into your skin for that ultimate glow!

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