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Refill Stations

From now on you can refill your Nuts about you volume shampoo or hand & body wash in selected stores. Your effort will be rewarded! You will receive a discount of € 4 at the checkout per refilled product.

Go to stores and check "refill stations" to view the selected stores.

How does our refill system work?

Step 1: You have bought a Nuts about you volume shampoo or hand & body wash for the first time and is now completely empty.

Step 2: Clean your empty Nuts about you bottle at home. This way we can guarantee the quality of the product.

Step 3: Bring your clean Nuts about you bottle to one of the selected stores.

Step 4: Refill your Nuts about you bottle and receive a € 4 discount at the checkout.

How many empty shampoo bottles do you throw in the garbage every year?

We did the test at the office with the CÎME team!

Find out how much plastic you can save with our refill system:

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