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CÎME skincare – from fairtrade farmers to little doctors in Nepal

by Jona De Graeve |

At CÎME we not only want you to feel and look good with our products but also do good! Purchasing our products will treat your skin with beneficial, natural products with no parabens, chemicals and perfumes and you’ll also give back! We work together with local farmers in Nepal who harvest our Himalayan superfoods and we have a school project for local children. 


Cooperation with local farmers

In cooperation with our partner organizations in Nepal, we have embarked on the sustainable collection of wild growing Himalayan herbal ingredients, as well as the organic cultivation of herbs used in the CÎME products, such as Palmarosa, Chamomile and Edelweiss.


These herbal ingredients are processed locally. This not only allows the local farmers to sell a more advanced product, but also reduces our ecologic footprint drastically (instead of importing tons of plants, we transport a limited amount of highly concentrated liquids).


By using CÎME products, you can help build sustainable local economies, thereby offering a reliable way for farmers and their families to improve their livelihood.


#girlpower Apricot kernel project

For this project we team up with Nepalese women to give them an equal voice in their local community. 


The apricot tree was introduced in Nepal years ago by the local government to diversify the diet of the local population. Although you can now eat dried apricots everywhere, the kernels of the apricot were thrown away. Together with a local partner we set up a project in which Nepalese women collect these kernels and press oil out of them. We bought small press machines that are electrically controlled via solar energy. The women are now able to press this precious oil in between their household tasks. As a result, a disposable product became a yield product. Win-win. Of course we pay a fair price for this apricot kernel oil, and this directly to the women in charge. The independent income contributes to the emancipation of these women, because they now get an equal voice in their local community!



Nepal Trust’s Little Doctor’s project

We work together with “Nepal Trust” – an organization founded by a Scottish businessman who has charity projects in Nepal – and donate to the Little Doctor’s project with every purchased product.  


We are convinced that children are able to make a positive change in the living conditions of their family and community and decided to invest in their education.


In the framework of the ‘Little Doctors’ program, school children of Humla are educated in the fields of personal hygiene, diseases, first aid and nutrition. They are trained to become ‘little doctors’ who spread health awareness among family and friends within their community.


Treat your skin and buy with love the CÎME-goodies!

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