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#CÎME5years The Story & Highlights

by Jona De Graeve |

Highlight n°1 – Bikini- pact 

Anke and Isabel are two friends with a passion for beauty. On a sunny afternoon at the beach – after a final in fiscal law – they talked about their dream to once set up their own company. Since they didn’t have a specific plan at that time, they concluded a pact: if they ever would start their own company, they would do it together. The bikini-pact was born!


After their studies, they both started a career as a lawyer in an international law firm. However the bikini-pact was always in the back of their minds. Mid 2012 – the moment where they both would become thirty was slowly approaching – they decided to finally go for it: their own skincare line.



Highlight n°2 – How it al began


It all started in the Himalayas… 

… when Walter and Anke (father and daughter) did a trekking in Ladakh, India. This magnificent region and its myriad of high altitude plants delivering powerful and highly efficient plant extracts and oils, inspired them to create a range of skincare products, marrying the local traditional knowledge with modern science.


… and it resulted in a certified organic skin care range

Back home, Anke developed the idea with her friend Isabel. Due to her sensitive skin, Isabel had become an expert in natural and organic beauty products. Having trouble to find natural skincare products that lived up to her standards, she was quickly convinced to develop a line of high quality and certified organic beauty products.


Isabel and Anke – at that time both lawyers – decided to switch careers and requested Walter, who has been in the business of organic plant extracts and oils for more than 30 years, to assist them in developing the products. Together they are the proud founders of CÎME.



Highlight n°3 – The power of the Himalaya


The power of the Himalayas for a better result in skincare 

The active ingredients we use in our products come from plants that grow in clean and crisp mountain air at high altitude in the Himalayas. At a height of over 3.000 meters wild roses, sea buckthorn berries, edelweiss flowers and a myriad of other precious plants have adapted to survive in harsh conditions, withstanding extreme cold, severe wind and intense sunlight.


This results in a unique intensity and an exceptionally high potency of actives in the Himalayan plant extracts and oils – the basis of our organic skincare products – making them more effective than comparable ingredients grown and harvested at low altitude.


Organic & natural 

We use a maximum of natural and certified organic ingredients in our prescriptions, that make your skin look radiant and healthy. We believe that no synthetic formula can match the power of nature, so we do not use synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and propylene glycol.


Our natural and organic cosmetics have been granted the ECOCERT label by the independent certification body ECOCERT Greenlife.


Highlight n°4 – School projects 


1 product purchased = 1 donation to Nepal Trust

 With every product you purchase, CÎME donates part of the proceeds to the ‘Little Doctors’-project of the charity organization Nepal Trust. 


Nepal Trust operates in Humla, Nepal’s highest and most inaccessible district. The life expectancy rate in the Humla district is 58 years and child mortality rate is over 30%.


The ‘Little Doctors’-project

We are convinced that children are able to make a positive change in the living conditions of their family and community and decided to invest in their education.


In the framework of the ‘Little Doctors’ program, school children of Humla are educated in the fields of personal hygiene, diseases, first aid and nutrition. They are trained to become ‘little doctors’ who spread health awareness among family and friends within their community.


Nepal Trust has launched the ‘Little Doctors’-project several years ago and has witnessed its success:

“There are even examples of students known in the past that identified symptoms of leprosy and tuberculosis within their family and made the local health authorities aware of this. Also trained students contributed to health initiatives in their village after the course (e.g. volunteering in health camps, immunization - and health education campaigns). These are prime examples of the potential spin-off attached to this project.”  - Nepal Trust


We are very proud to be able to contribute to this wonderful project!


Highlight n°5 – Fairtrade 

The magnificent biodiversity in the Himalayan region is our most important source of inspiration and ingredients.


In cooperation with our partner organizations in Nepal, we have embarked on the sustainable collection of wild growing Himalayan herbal ingredients, as well as the organic cultivation of herbs used in the CÎME products, such as Palmarosa, Chamomile and Edelweiss.


These herbal ingredients are processed locally. This not only allows the local farmers to sell a more advanced product, but also reduces our ecologic footprint drastically (instead of importing tons of plants, we transport a limited amount of highly concentrated liquids).


By using CÎME products, you can help build sustainable local economies, thereby offering a reliable way for farmers and their families to improve their livelihood.



Highlight n°6 – Awards


The Markant Womed Award for most promising female entrepreneur -  In the Brussels area.


The Lionel Vandenbossche Award for young entrepreneurs -  They were convinced by our innovation & because we are sustainable & profitable at the same time! 


Gazellenwedstrijd Trends - Category starters


Highlight n°7 – Base range + new releases

We're going way back 7 years ago when Anke & Isabel started developing the first CÎME-products in secret while still working as lawyers! But who was first? The original CÎME-squad contained: "Rosée de roses" micellar lotion, "Kissed by a rose" serum, "Belle d'amour" & "Under my skin" day & night cream & "For your hands only" hand cream.Today they're still here with the same amazing formula but the packaging might have changed over the years.


But who came after? In the recent 5 years we expanded our range with many new products!


The future of CÎME? 

We are so proud of the 5 years of CÎME and all we achieved but we’re not stopping here. We want to grow our range even further for an all around natural honestly beautiful life & go international. Stay tuned because new products are in the early & final stages of developing. A honestly beautiful future awaits…


Love, the CÎME-team

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