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Daisy Delight eco ocean waste plastic sustainibility Under my Skin

200,000 Plastic bags saved from the ocean

As the first Belgian skincare brand, we relaunched our popular day and night creams - Under My Skin and Daisy Delight - in May 2020 in Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) packaging! This means that our packaging is for 50% made of post-consumer recycled plastic! But that’s not all. One packaging of these creams equals the removal of 4 plastic bags from oceans and rivers. This way, in one year's time, we saved the equivalent to 200,000 plastic bags from oceans and rivers thanks to these newly packaged products. CÎME x OWP We are always looking for sustainable alternatives! That’s why we use natural ingredients without pesticides, why all our packaging is recyclable, and why we don’t test on animals (as imposed by EU legislation). Furthermore, we work together with Nepalese farmers for our Himalayan Superfoods. So the OWP-concept was a perfect match for us. OWP works together with ReSea Project who has a local cleanup team in Indonesia. Their collectors remove plastic from our oceans and rivers. The plastic is handed over to waste banks that recycle as much as possible for other industries. The plastic we use for our packaging is made of conventional Post Consumer Recycled material, reducing the need and usage of virgin plastic. Not only does this make our planet a little greener and our oceans bluer, but also provides additional income for Indonesian fishermen.   How do you contribute? Quite simply, you help make our planet greener and our oceans bluer without actually having to do anything. Each time you buy one of our creams, you help remove the equivalent to 4 plastic bags from our oceans and rivers. Something you can still do at home is to ensure that you sort the empty packaging correctly.   The plastic collection OWP collaborates with ReSea Project (founded by the same owners as the company behind OWP) whose purpose is to clean oceans and rivers from plastic and improve the living standards of people living in the affected areas. ReSea Project has been certified with DNV’s Chain of Custody Standard for Plastics Retrieved in the Hydrosphere. This certification assures the plastic extracted from oceans and rivers, traceability of the total collection process, and the amount of plastic that is removed by an independent third party. It also assures fair compensation to their cleanup team.

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