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Hello summer! Get ready for the tropical weather!

by Jona De Graeve |

Hello summer! Today it officially starts & we are so excited. We are all looking forward to warm summer evenings, BBQ’s and the festival season! But what does our skin need for those fun and humid summer months?


We switch our clothes and eating habits according to the change of seasons. Shorts & smoothies aren’t as good in winter as they are in summer right? The same counts for your skincare routine. When the weather changes, your skin reacts to it. Therefore your skin has different needs each time of year.


What does your skin need in summer?

In summertime the weather is warm & humid and your skin might be more oily. In summer your skincare routine is all about cleansing very well to get rid of all the sweat & sebum, hydrate en repair the skin from being in the sun & protect the skin, hair & eyes from the harmful UV rays. 


Summer Beauty!

Lightweight hydration 

You’re skin produces more oil because of the warm weather. Therefore you still need to hydrate to not make it lack moisture. Choose for a lightweight option to keep your face  fresh. Daisy Delight is perfect in summer as it’s very absorbing and makes your skin clearer. The aloe vera deeply hydrates and without being heavy & if you’re skin is irritated from the sun this will be very soothing. 


Aftersun care

After you’ve been laying out in the sun your skin can be irritated – hopefully not – and it can be very dry from the pool, beach and seawater. Use our universal Himalaya balm to soothe and cool down your body. Apply l’Huile by CÎME all over to give skin a healthy glow and prolong your tan. 


Clean skin 

After a hot day you’ve been sweating and producing a lot of sebum. Make sure to remove all the dirt, pollution and makeup at the end of the day to keep the skin clear. Use our Recette de Pureté cleansing oil to cleanse deeply & finish with Rosée de Roses to tone and freshen up the skin.


Drink plenty of water

The warm weather makes you sweat and you’ll get dehydrated. Make sure to stay fresh & hydrated in the hotter months and drink plenty of water to keep the skin soft and clear. 


Sun protection

CÎME day & night creams have a natural protection against the sun because of the powerful ingredients but during the summer months you need to apply an extra SPF of 30 or higher to really protect your skin. The sun won’t make your skin clearer. It will create premature wrinkles, dark spots and is very dangerous. Also protect your head with a hat and wear sunglasses to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.


Have a nice summer! Stay tuned next week to learn everything about Travel Beauty!


Love, the CÎME-team

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