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DIY CÎME Face Mist

by Jona De Graeve |

Two weeks ago we held our #CÎME5years anniversary event in Antwerp. The event was a combination of brunch, yoga and of course plenty of CÎME-goodies. We also held a DIY face mist session together with Mini Marie Tea. Due to its success: here is a blog post for everyone who wants to try this @home! 


Why a face mist?

We love a good face mist. Face mists are used to freshen up the face, especially in summer. But it has more uses than just freshening up the skin. It’s the product you never knew you needed.


1. Refresh your skin= perfect for a hot day or as a little pick me up when you feel tired. 

2. Hydration on the go = If your skin need some extra hydration during the day you can easily use your face mist to do the job. This way you don’t need to wash your hands to apply your moisturizer, making it a lot more hygienic. If you wear makeup you can now also rehydrate your skin during the day, without messing it up. 

3. Prep your skin= Use after cleansing to prepare the skin for you skincare products

4. Seal in products = Spray your face after you apply your skincare and before you apply your makeup. This way you will lock in the products and make your skin a lot more plump and smooth.

5. Makeup blender = Spray on your makeup brush or blender or mix it with your foundation to get a smoother, sheerer and fresher finish.

6. Setting spray = A face mist is perfect to use after you applied all your makeup. It will make it less powdery and more glowy. The grapefruit will also control oil production and therefore makes the makeup last longer.



Unique blend of ingredients 


Mini Marie tea

The main base of the face mist is a fun and organic tea. The organic infusions contain no additives just pure dried fruits, herbs and flowers. The tea bags are unbleached, making it safe to use on your skin. 


Choose your favourite tea according your preference. 

  • Marie blue with chamomile to calm the skin. 
  • Marie brown with rooibos works anti-aging. 
  • Marie green with mint works extra refreshing and anti-bacterial.
  • Marie red with rosehip for plump and hydrated skin. 


Almond oil 

We use almond oil to dilute and carry the essential oils. Almond oil is low on the comedogenic scale so they are great to use for every skin type. 

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is amazing to treat acne and prevent oily skin. It works antibacterial, so spray your face mist during the day to kill bacteria and control oil production. If you use it in between skincare and makeup and after, you’ll makeup will last longer. 


#tipfromtheCÎMEteam = don’t spray this too often if you’re laying out in the sun! Grapefruit will make the skin sensitive to sunlight. Daily use is safe. 




Ginger essential oil

Containing up to 40 antioxidants, ginger is an amazing superfood. It works anti-aging (improving elasticity) as well as antibacterial. If you have a cold this face mist will also be soothing to use if you smell the ginger, to open the respiratory system. 


 Kissed by a Rose serum

We all need some glow! Our precious Kissed by Rose serum - contains rose and apricot kernel oil – is the perfect repairing serum to treat fine lines, dark spots and give you a nice glow. We add it to our face mist to give you that extra boost of glow!


How to?


Oily or combination skin

Mini spray bottle

50 ml Mini Marie Tea

2 or 3 drops of ginger essential oil

5 drops of grapefruit essential oil

¼ teaspoon of almond oil


Fill your bottle with Mini Marie tea. Mix in a teaspoon the almond oil, ginger essential oil and grapefruit essential oil together. Add to the bottle. Shake well & spray!


Dry or mature skin 

Mini spray bottle

50 ml Mini Marie Tea

One full pipet of Kissed by a Rose serum



Fill your bottle with Mini Marie tea. To finish add the Kissed by a Rose serum. Shake well & spray! 


#tipfromtheCÎMEteam = Store the face mist in the fridge (You can also put it in your bag for on the go). This way it will last longer and you’ll get some extra refreshing effect. You can keep the spray for about a week in your fridge.


Have some DIY fun, the CÎME-team

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