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Make your skin summerproof with CÎME’s Magnificent Mandarine body scrub

by Jona De Graeve |

Summer is coming, time to tan, to make your skin sunkissed and to show off those legs. We wish for those shiny legs and a tan that stays for a long time. Help your skin by scrubbing it with our Magnificent Mandarin scrub salt, a complete ecological scrub!

Get rid of dead skin cells

Just admit it, we all exfoliate way to little. You probably also sometimes suffer from dry legs and arms. This is because our skin renews itself daily and leaves dead skin cells behind. By scrubbing your skin, dead skin cells disappear. The skin immediately feels softer and healthier. This makes you tan faster and keeps your complexion longer. Even if you use a self-tanning lotion scrubbing is very important. It gives you a result without stains. And last but not least, moisturizing creams do their work better after scrubbing. And that moisturizer is also good to keep your radiant tanned skin.

So there are plenty of reasons to exfoliate during the summer months!

How do you make a scrub with the Magnificent Mandarin?

To scrub the body, the best product to choose is a scrub salt. Our scrub salt, Magnificent Manderine, is ideal for this purpose. You only need to wet your skin and you can start.

Tip from the CÎME-team: Add a few drops of l'Huile by CÎME  to a handful of Magnificent Mandarin before scrubbing. Soft skin with a silky touch!

Completely ecological!

In addition, the scrub salt is completely ecological. In many scrubs, plastic particles are processed. That's not the case with us! Scrubs without microbeads, it’s totally possible. The Magnificent Mandarin was made from pink Himalayan salt. These fine salt crystals exfoliate the skin, for a silky touch. Besides that, pink Himalayan salt is rich in more than 80 natural minerals. The salt is millions of years old and free of toxins. No plastic can beat that!

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