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CÎME essentials while camping !

by Anke De Boeck |

This year, we are going to spend our summer vacation camping. Are you also into camping? If yes you are going to love this new blogpost about the CÎME products that are essential when camping!

When going on vacation we think it is so much fun to go camping, rafting, climbing and to hit the road! Unfortunately, adventure often causes annoying ailments: mosquito bites, sunburn, blisters or sore muscles and joints. Our solution? Our number 1 Travel Essential: CÎME's Himalaya 29°N-81°E. This multi-purpose balm can be used, amongst others, in case of irritated skin, in case of tired muscles and stiff joints, to prepare muscles for exercise, in case of cracks - scars - insect bites and bruises, in order to breathe more freely and in case of tired feet. So the Himalaya 29°N-81°E balm replaces a whole range of other products in your first aid kit. 

When camping it may also be complicated to bring all your skincare products and to go on with your usual skincare routine. However, it is important that you keep on cleansing your skin every morning and every night.

You are going to need a multifunctional product that is easy to use such as the Rosée de Rose cleansing lotion. This 3 in 1 micellar water, based on rose floral water and rose extract, allows you to remove makeup and to cleanse your skin without drying it out. It can also be used as a toner to close pores and to repair the natural balance of the skin. And an extra personal inside tip from our co-founder Isabel: “I use it during a hot day to refresh my face and even as a deodorant. You should try this!”. The Rosée de Rose is very easy to use: if you need to cleanse your skin all you need is a cotton pad (preferably reusable), if you need to tonify it apply it directly on your skin. So no need for running water near by. 

Of course, the Himalaya 29°N-81°E balm and Rosée de Rose, as well as all CÎME’s products, are not tested on animals, are organic and don’t contain derivatives of petroleum, synthetic perfumes or parabens. As always, we donate part of the proceeds of each product sold to the 'Little Doctors' schooling project in the Nepalese Himalayas.

So definitely add these two to your list of Travel Essentials!

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