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Our Nuts about you shower line brightens your day in a natural way!

by Anke De Boeck |

Banish sulphates and silicones from your bathroom. Discover our ‘Nuts about you’ products based on soap nuts and chiuri butter from the Nepalese Himalaya.

Hand & body wash

With organic soap nuts that cleanses your skin naturally

This hand- and body wash based on soap berries cleanses the skin thoroughly, whilst staying soft and hydrated. The invigorating aroma of the shower gel is due to the unique blend of nine treasurable essential oils, including the refreshing green mandarin and the soothing cedarwood.


The active superfoods

Soap nuts from the Himalaya

According to an ancient tradition from the Himalaya, we use organic soap nuts to wash our skin in a natural manner. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, without irritating or drying out the skin. These soap nuts are a natural alternative for aggressive detergent.

Green mandarin

Green mandarin has an invigorating and anti-stress effect. The herbal and refreshing scent gives you tons of energy right away.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is used for its soothing and skin care effects. Due to its soothing and skin care properties, we have added aloe vera in our products.

Exquisite scent composition

For the scent we decided on a blend of nine exquisite essential oils: cedarwood as a base, green mandarin as top nut, complemented by palmarosa, lemongrass, curcuma, junipers, patchouli, ylang-ylang and rhododendron from the highlands.


How to use?

  • As a body wash - During the shower, massage two or three pumps of the body wash onto the body. In contact with water, the shower gel changes in consistency in a foaming lotion. Then rinse off.
  • As a hand wash - Wash your hands with the hand wash. One pump is enough. Rinse off.

PS: Turn the tap off when using the hand- and body wash. 😉


Every day a good hair day
with our Nuts about you hair products



CÎME Nuts about you - shampoo

Volume shampoo

With soap nuts that cleanses your hair naturally

This volume shampoo based on soap nuts cleanses the hair naturally, without affecting the natural protective layer. For voluminous, shiny and strong hair. A combination of green tea antioxidants and pea peptides strengthens the hair roots and creates volumes. Beetroot extracts makes the hair more elastic and protects against the heat.


The active superfoods

Soap nuts from the Himalaya

Just like our hand and body wash, fair trade soap nuts are used in our shampoo.

Green tea, pea peptides and the strengthening proteins

A combination of green tea-antioxidants and pea peptides softens the hair, strengthens the roots of the hair and creates more volume.
Our green tea originates from an organic tea plantation in the east of Nepal, where the tea is harvested on high altitude, in de shadows of the planted trees.

The vegetative proteins extracted from rice and oat have a strengthening effect on the hair. Thanks to their hydrating and protective properties your hair receives a unique shine.

Beetroot extract

Beetroot gives a natural hydration, makes the hair elastic and protects against  the heat. It ensures strong hair which lessens the breakage and easily to comb through, in addition it helps against colour fading and frizzy, curling hair.

How to use?

Wet your hair completely and divide 2-4 pumps ‘Nuts about you’ shampoo in the palms of your hands and subsequently in your hair. Rub it well, reaching the roots of the hair.
Rinse off thoroughly.
Use in combination with ‘Nuts about you’ volume conditioner for the best result.


For voluminous, shiny and strong hair!



CÎME Nuts about you - conditioner


With Chiuri fruit to naturally feed your hair

These light, silicone-free conditioner feeds and softens the hair, without making it heavy. A combination of chiuri fruit, dhatelo-oils and pea peptides strengthens the roots of the hair and creates volume. Extract of the beetroot makes the hair elastic and protects against the heat. For resilient, shining and strong hair.


The active superfoods

Chiuri butter

Chiuri butter is pressed from the seeds of the chiuri fruit that is yearly harvested from a tree that grows in the foothills of the Nepalese Himalaya (Bassia butyracea Roxb). This tree is very precious in the Himalaya since it helps the soil against erosion.
The vegetative butter has a very nutritious and hydrating effect on the hair which makes it silky soft.

Dhatelo oil

Dhatelo oil originates from fruits of a bush that grows on high altitude in the Himalayan area. The oil is squeezed out of seeds provides the hair with shine and strength. In addition, the oil strengthens the roots of the hair which creates volume.

Pea peptides

The extract of the green pea contributes additional volume to the hair and provides a strengthening and softening effect.


How to use?

Apply the conditioner on wet, clean hair and massage it lightly. Especially on the ends of the hair. Leave it in for 1-3 minutes for maximum penetration in the hair shaft.
Rinse off.
The ‘Nuts about you’ conditioner strengthens the effect of our volume shampoo.



Banish silicones and sulphates from your bathroom cabinet!

The problem with sulphates

Most shampoos are based on Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) or Sodium Laurel Ether (SLES). The problem with sulphates is that they break off the natural protective layer of your skin and hair. Your hair becomes lifeless and your skin dries out which irritates the skin. Moreover, sulphates are harmful to the environment.

That’s why we as CÎME decided to develop a shampoo and hand & body wash based on soap nuts, originating from the soap tree or the Sapindus Mukorossi Gaertn. These aren’t harmful to the environment and leaves the natural protective layer intact. A win-win situation!

More information on the Nepalese soap nuts and our fair-trade projects can be found in this blog article from our latest trip to Nepal.


Build down the silicones in your conditioner

Silicones are used in traditional conditioners because they can create a protective water-resistant layer on your hair. This causes a build up effect. Because they are water-resistant, it can’t be simply rinsed off which causes the layers to build up. As a consequence, the hair suffocates, and the nourishing oils can’t penetrate the hair, with i.e. heavy, lifeless, fragile and brittle hair as a consequence. Moreover, silicones are just as sulphates bad for the environment.
Our alternative? A volume conditioner based on chiuri butter from Nepal!


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