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International Women's Day 2018

by Jona De Graeve |

For over a century, March 8 is devoted to women and their rights. What started as a strike against the poor working conditions in a textile factory resulted in the fight for women's emancipation and against women's discrimination. Today, feminism is still a hot topic. Even stars such as Lena Dunham, Beyoncé and Emma Watson use their powerful voice in the fight for gender equality and women's rights.


This year's theme of the International Women's Day 2018? Gender equality for women and men. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights states that women and men have equal rights. This is also the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals.


CÎME also wants to contribute to this. A great example is our #girlpower apricot kernel project in Nepal. For this project we team up with Nepalese women to give them an equal voice in their local community.


Girlpower Project

The production of all our products - from ingredient to end product - is done on a fair trade basis. Our active ingredients and Himalayan superfoods are harvested and collected by farmers in Nepal. This also applies to the precious apricot kernel oil. The production of the apricot kernel oil - that you can find in our nutri-intensive hand cream For Your Hands Only - is done by female farmers #girlpower.


The apricot tree was introduced in Nepal years ago by the local government to diversify the diet of the local population. Although you can now eat dried apricots everywhere, the kernels of the apricot were thrown away. Together with a local partner we set up a project in which Nepalese women collect these kernels and press oil out of them. We bought small press machines that are electrically controlled via solar energy. The women are now able to press this precious oil in between their household tasks. As a result, a disposable product became a yield product. Win-win. Of course we pay a fair price for this apricot kernel oil, and this directly to the women in charge. The independent income contributes to the emancipation of these women, because they now get an equal voice in their local community! 


Nice to know: The cultivation of the apricots is not intensive, which results in an exclusive oil that is extremely rich in Omegas 6 and 9, as well as vitamin A and E. The oil has excellent moisturizing properties and maintains skin elasticity and clarity. This oil penetrates quickly into the skin and is even suitable for the most sensitive skin types. It reduces itching and irritation caused by dry skin or eczema. Perfect basis for our nutri-intensive hand cream For Your Hands Only.




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