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Suffer from dry and rough hands?

by Tess Ghewij |

Suffer from dry and rough hands after all that washing?

Then treat yourself with our loving hand products! It is no secret that hand care is a must these days. So our fresh hand soap and fast absorbing hand cream are more essential than ever. 


Do you have an empty Nuts at you bottle at home? Don't throw it away! When shops open again, you can give your empty bottle to a friend to refill via our new refill stations with 4€ discount. 


Did you know our hand soap dries your hands less than others?

Most shower products contain sulphates, which break off the natural protective layer of your skin. That's why we decided to create our shower line based on soap nuts.

These nuts are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. Durable for your skin and for the environment!

They leave your skin's natural protective layer intact, cleansing your skin without drying out or irritating it. 

Our Nuts about you hand & body wash contains extra aloë vera for its soothing and nourishing effect. Also green mandarin is added for its spicy and fresh scent that gives you tons of energy instantly!

Read all about our shower line here!

Did you know our hand cream absorbs faster than others?

Our hand cream contains apricot kernel oil that easily absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Moreover, apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A & E and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Ideal against eczema!

On top of that, our hand cream also contains aloe vera, which repairs, nourishes and protects your hands against damaging external influences.

Read all about our hand cream here.

Besides, not only your hands will be pleased! Also children in Nepal will enjoy an advantage. Why? For every hand cream that is sold we make a donation to the "Little Doctors Project" of the Nepal trust.

Discover the projects we support here.

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