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Skincare routine for oily skin

by Anke De Boeck |

What is my skin type? Many people don’t know the answer to this question. Your skin type can also change because of different circumstances (hormones, medication, stress, age, weather conditions, etc.). It is however important to adapt your skincare routine to your skin type.





Rebalancing and cleansing your skin with the right products  is very important. You can do this by cleansing your skin first with the oil cleanser of CÎME, Recette de Pureté.

Oil for my oily skin?! Yes! Our oil cleanser is very soft for the skin and cleanses in depth. Soaps and cleansers are too often aggressive for your skin (especially the ones containing sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate). They remove the (oily) protection layer of the skin, which causes the skin to reproduce this protection layer over and over again and make the skin more oily after all.



After you cleansed your face, use a cotton pad to apply a micellar water. It removes all remaining oil particles and other things that don’t belong to your skin. CÎME's micellar water, Rosée De Roses, cleanses, closes the pores and restores the natural balance of the skin. Very important for oily skin!



The skin around the eyes is finer and more fragile, so it needs extra care. Our eye contour cream with caffeine, retinal and hyaluronic acid moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.
Apply the eye cream to the eye contour area. Fragrance-free - also suitable for sensitive eyes.



In case of an oily skin, hydration is key. You need to ensure that your skin gets enough ‘water’. Also, it is better to avoid very thick, greasy creams and mineral oils (for example paraffin). Within the CÎME range, the Daisy Delight day and night cream, it the most suitable for this skin type. Because of the hyaluronic acid, the skin is extra hydrated without using oil. This cream is very light and not greasy at all. It also reduces skin imperfections, dark spots and makes the skin more even.




How do you recognize oily skin?


Is your skin shiny? Do you have large pores and blackheads?  Is your skin prone to spots and/or acne? Then you probably have oily skin.


What are the causes?


  •  Stress: Stress hormones cause an increased sebum production, which makes the skin shine faster and causes pimples.
  •  Hormones: Especially hormones play a major role in having oily skin. Therefore, the majority also suffers from greasy skin during puberty or pregnancy.
  •  Wrong cleansing and skincare products: people often think that they should use soap or agressive cleansers for their oily skin. Wrong! It’s also often difficult to find a day cream that does not feel too greasy or cause breakouts.  


Good and bad news


Do you recognize yourself in the description of this skin type? Then we have good and bad news for you!

Let’s start with the bad news. Oily skin is probably the trickiest and most unpredictable skin to treat and can make you quite miserable in your youth and even middle age (those damn pimples!). BUT the good news is that oily skin ages more slowly! Oily skin has a lot of elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles will appear more slowly than for other skin types.

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