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Skincare routine for dry skin

by Anke De Boeck |

What is my skin type? Many people don’t know the answer to this question. Your skin type can also change because of different circumstances (hormones, medication, stress, age, weather conditions, etc.). It is however important to adapt your skincare routine to your skin type.





For dry skin, you always have to remember two things when cleansing your face. Find a product without perfume and natural oil-based. CÎME has two perfect candidates for you!

  • Recette de Pureté is a gentle but efficient cleansing oil and makeup remover in one. Use it with clean hands and your makeup will come off in no time – even waterproof products! When rinsing off the product, it will leave a thin layer of oil that your skin will be happy with!
  • Another option is Rosée de Roses. This micellar water is based on rose floral water and rose extract, and doesn’t contain any ingredients that will dry out your skin – such as synthetic perfumes -  but only ingredients that will nourish the skin, thanks to small parts of coconut oil. Even though Recette the Pureté is more suited for dry skin, this is a good alternative when you’re a bit lazy



To restore your skins pH level after washing it with an oil cleanser, mousse or soap, you tonify your skin with a tonic. For this step, you can use Rosée de Roses – a toner that seals the moisture into the skin. Especially with dry skin, this step is too important to skip – your serum and facial cream won’t be as able to do their job on a skin whose pH level is out of balance.



The skin around the eyes is finer and more fragile, so it needs extra care. Our eye contour cream with caffeine, retinal and hyaluronic acid moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.
Apply the eye cream to the eye contour area. Fragrance-free - also suitable for sensitive eyes.



A dry skin can often use an extra boost. Therefore, the use of a serum is highly recommended with dry skintypes. As mentioned earlier, a serum provides extra oils. 

Kissed by a Rose serum nourishes and revitalizes the skin and stimulates cell regeneration. Its formula with natural oils will ensure the elasticity of your skin is preserved. In addition, the wild rose oil in the formula helps against red spots.​

  • You can apply the serum on fine lines, wrinkles, around the eyes and on pigmentation spots. And if you’re suffering from dry and red spots during winter, Kissed by a Rose is perfect as well!​
  • If you’re looking for some extra nutrition, blend some drops of the serum in your day and night cream.

Our Retinal serum, with high-performance ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, to intensely nourish your skin and improve its elasticity, giving it a radiant glow and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



For dry skin, the Under My Skin day and night cream is a winner! It contains extracts of sea buckthorn berries, which are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids – such as Omega 7 – that nourish and restore the skin. The wild rose oil provides e fresher complexion and reduces fine lines. Although this cream is very rich – it feels very light on the skin. Not sticky, but a long-lasting nutrition and hydration.




How do you recognize a dry skin type?


Does your skin feel dry after a shower, can it be itchy or do you suffer from flakiness and dry, red spots? Your pores are fine and impurities are rare (even during puberty)? Do you have the feeling you’re having more wrinkles and fine lines than peers with normal or oily skin? Then you and your skin belong in the category of dry skin types.

This skin type is often confused with a dehydrated skin. A dehydrated skin lacks moist. A dry skin on the other hand, doesn’t really have to do with the amount of moist in your skin, but your skin doesn’t produce enough oil. With dry skin, your pores are smaller –  and this in combination with a lack of oil, you rarely have pimples. Still suffering from impurities? Then it’s a sign of dehydration. In that case, read our blogpost about dehydrated skin..


What causes dry skin?


A dry skin doesn’t really have to do with the amount of moist in your skin, but it’s your body not producing enough body oils.


  • This can be linked to different causes, like the different seasons for example. Overall, you’re more likely to suffer from dry skin during winter. Why? The dry air – outside in the cold and inside because of central heating. Therefor it’s better to wear an extra warm and fuzzy sweater, and turning down the heat.


  • It’s also possible your dry skin is determined genetically. This is often caused by a lack of essential fatty acids – Omega 3. In addition, people with skin diseases like eczema, are more likely to have issues with the water management in your body, which makes the skin dry out more easily. 


  • Another common reason is a beauty ritual that's too harsh for your skin. Using water and soap will wash away all the impurities from your skin, but at the same time these bad guys are washing off the essential body oils which makes your skin dry out.


How to take care of dry skin?


  • To cleanse your skin, use a pH-neutral cleansing product. Avoid products that contain soap and perfume – these make your skin dry out. Instead, opt for products with natural oils. Cleansing your face with such products will wash away the greasy substance of the oily products, but leave an extra film on the skin.


  • Also, make sure the water temperature of your shower or bath isnt too high. With hot water, your blood vessels will dilate and let go the natural skin oils more quickly.


  • Put those rough washcloths and special cleansing tools away in your drawer – these are more harmful for your skin than you think. The best way to apply a cleanser: use clean hands – ain’t that easy? Also, make sure youdon’t rub your face with a rough towel to dry your face, but dab it dry with cotton balls or a soft cloth. However, it might be a good idea to exfoliate the skin with a fine scrub once a week to get rid of the flakiness.


  • After cleansing, apply a rich cream on your skin. Look for products with natural oils – because mineral oils can cause break outs. Apply the cream when the skin is still warm and humid – you don’t want a dry and itchy skin!


  • Last but not least: use a serum for extra oils – the weak spot of having a dry skin. These extra oils ensure that the elasticity of your skin is preserved.
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