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Le Baume by CÎME - Multipurpose Balm for lips & dry skin

by Jona De Graeve |

It's here! Our newest baby in the CÎME-family: "Le Baume by CÎME"! It took blood, sweat & tears, but we can officially introduce this multipurpose balm. The balm repairs, nourishes & protects lips & dry skin.

After a trekking in the Himalaya, a career switch & 7 years, we're expanding our collection! "Le Baume by CÎME" -  with its subtle chamomile scent - is a true multitasker. This nourishing, soothing, protective and repairing balm for lips and skin is ideal for the whole family and also great for traveling and to put in you handbag!


What does it do? 

Thanks to the rich formula of organic apricot kernel oil, chiuri butter, (cruelty free) beeswax and chamomile, the balm puts a subtle layer on your skin and lips, so that they are protected against dehydration. But this without closing your pores. Moreover, this balm makes rough, dried out and cracked lips and skin soft and supple again.


How to use

- Restore your dried out, cracked lips

- Nourish and protect your lips to keep them soft and supple

- Nourish and repair dry or irritated spots on your face

- Restore and calm rough skin on your hands and elbows

- Protect your skin against extreme cold and wind

- Keep your eyebrows in shape

- "Highlight" your cheekbones



Himalayan superfoods



Roses are red, violets are blue and good for you! This herb with its typical scent has many amazing benefits that are good for your skin!

- inflammatory properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin

- healing properties for little wounds and irritations

- helps to neutralize and calm the skin

- balances the natural moisture balance of the skin


The chamomile extract we use is hypoallergenic. Chamomile was first planted in Nepal last century in the 80's! 


Apricot kernel oil

Apricot is an important component in traditional Chinese medicine for its pharmaceutical properties. Apricot seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as Oleic & Linoleic acid as well as Vitamin A & E. It maintains skin elasticity and clarity and has excellent moisturizing properties for prematurely aged, dry or sensitive skin. Apricot kernel oil is known to penetrate your skin without leaving an oily feel on top of it and works anti-inflammatory making it perfect for eczema.


The apricot tree was introduced in Nepal to diversify the nutrition of the Nepalese population. Today, the Nepalese still eat a lot of apricots but the kernel can't be consumed. Thanks to CÎME we have a use for it! Nepalese women cold press the kernels to apricot oil that we use in our products & they get a fair price for it! Our #girlpower project gives women a chance to do their household and also have financial freedom to strive for female equality!


Chiuri butter

Chiuri butter is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamine E. The butter is pressed from the nuts of a tree growing naturally on steep slopes in the lower Himalayan hills. It hydrates and nourishes the skin making it super soft and vitamin E reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin youthful.


Cruelty-free beeswax

Our CÎME-products are all vegan except for Le Baumy by CÎME & the Himalaya balm. In these products we use a small amount of cruelty-free beeswax! We want to make sure the ingredients we use are not harming any animals.


Shop "Le Baume by CÎME" now for €12,75 in our webshop!



Love, the CÎME-team!

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