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Workshop Genk


The workshops in Genk are always organized at Blabloom:

  • Start: 10.30am and 1.30pm
  • Address: Hasseltweg 78, 3600 Genk
  • In Dutch

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How to use
Buy this online ticket. As soon as you have completed your online purchase, your name will be added to the guest list. A few days before the workshop, you will receive an email with the final practical details. Are you buying more than 1 ticket? Email us the names and email adresses of the other participants via We will make sure to also send them the email with the final practical details. Subscription fee: 16 EUR. For this amount you’ll receive the full workshop, some organic delights, samples of your favourite day & night creams and a 5 EUR voucher when buyting at least 2 CÎME products.
What's inside
Workshop Genk

Workshop Genk

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