Interview Two Wholesome Sisters (Part 3)


Interview Two Wholesome Sisters (Part 3)

28 May 15

Meet the Two Wholesome Sisters
(Part 3)


Jullie hebben misschien al op onze website of Facebook pagina gelezen dat de CÎME producten nu ook in Australië verkrijgbaar zijn. Dit allemaal dankzij Krystle en Abbey, de twee topvrouwen achter de Australische healthy lifestyle blog Two Wholesome Sisters. Two Wholesome Sisters zijn de exclusieve verdelers van de CÎME producten voor Australië.

We waren benieuwd naar de reden van hun nieuwe levensstijl en blog en dus hebben we een paar vraagjes gesteld.

Meet Krystle and Abbey … (part 3)


What was the reaction of your family to your new lifestyle? Do other family members follow your example?

A: All of my family was very supportive. My husband was there through all the mood swings and tears and encouraged me to just keep going.  He also never asked me to cook two separate meals, which was a huge help at night.

It did, however, take a little longer for him to be convinced to fully change his diet. He loved candy and has one of those body types that never seem to gain any weight despite his addiction to the sweet stuff.  He also has an outdoor job and just wanted convenient food that came in a box.  So once I had myself armed with healthy alternative recipes I would bake them for him on a Sunday and asked him to give it a try for that week.  He really liked everything and slowly I just stopped buying the bad and now he has a great diet one that can support how physical his job is.

Another huge help to me through this whole time has been my sister.  We did it together and if one of us was having a bad day with it we would have a cry to the other and give support.  We would share photos of what we came up with for dinner (Krystle’s was always better than mine) and share recipes. 

Our parents took a little convincing but when my father had a cancer scare they were ready to embrace it fully!

K:    Although my husband was very supportive he didn’t want to change. So I just lead by example. He started to notice the difference in me and especially my daughter. She would constantly suffer from colds every few months then all of a sudden she was no longer getting sick.  He quickly jumped on board and now we all eat and enjoy the same foods.

Abbey was my lifesaver in those first 3 months. Anytime I thought I just can't do it anymore she would be there to pick me up and say "You’ve got this" so having someone who understands what you are going through is the key


We are sure your reactions from readers that you helped them change their lifestyle. What is the nicest/funniest reaction you have received so far?

A:  The closest to my heart is when my parents started juicing and told me how excited they were about how good it was and how they were feeling. I was so scared when my father got his diagnosis but when I heard how positive they were about their changes it bought tears to my eyes.

K: I would definitely have to agree with Abbey in saying my parent’s huge shift in diet has been the nicest to be apart of.  When my Dad received the shock news about cancer I really felt thankful about how much information we could offer and how they really took it all on board and have changed their whole lifestyle for the better.

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