Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 2


Interview Two Wholesome Sisters Part 2

27 May 15

Meet the Two Wholesome Sisters
(Part 2)


Jullie hebben misschien al op onze website of Facebook pagina gelezen dat de CÎME producten nu ook in Australië verkrijgbaar zijn. Dit allemaal dankzij Krystle en Abbey, de twee topvrouwen achter de Australische healthy lifestyle blog Two Wholesome Sisters. Two Wholesome Sisters zijn de exclusieve verdelers van de CÎME producten voor Australië.

We waren benieuwd naar de reden van hun nieuwe levensstijl en blog en dus hebben we een paar vraagjes gesteld.

Meet Krystle and Abbey … (part 2)


Have you faced any difficulties while changing your lifestyle? If yes, which ones?

A: I’m not going to lie and say it was easy for me. As I chose to cut all these things out of my life very abruptly I really struggled for the first 3 or so months.  As my body was detoxing from all the “food like” products I had been putting in it for years I experienced extreme hunger, lethargy, skin problems, hormone problems, extreme highs and lows in my mood, headaches and I got the worst flu I have ever had that lasted about 2 months.

I also felt that the abrupt shift in my health was very confronting for some around me. Words like “unbalanced” or “extreme” were being used and as I was already dealing with everything that came with detoxing and it led me to feel a bit downhearted.  

K: There have been a few difficulties along the way. I really had to put a lot of time and effort into changing the way we ate as I have a 10 year old daughter and I really needed to research how to make healthy food tasty so she did not feel like she was missing out. This can be challenging sometimes as I make all our foods from scratch so it is very time consuming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way now that I see the benefits that my whole family get from this way of living.  I also wanted my daughter to understand why we were changing our diet so that as she grows she can make good food and wellbeing choices.


Many people want to make their diet healthy but how do you do that? Where do you need to start?

A: With the advantage of hindsight that I now have my best piece of advice is to look at it from a self-love perspective.  If you are sick of feeling tired, unwell and emotional then love yourself enough to start putting good food into your body. So many people get stuck in the prison of outward appearance as a motivator to “diet” or exercise and many will find that after a few weeks they just go back to their previous routine.

Education is also a key. Don’t just take what worked for someone else and think it will work for you. Red, get on Google, watch documentaries and ask lots of questions from people who are educated and focused on health. Find a great naturopath that is focused on holistic diet (not just giving you vitamins) and work together to find what your body really needs.

As I started to clear the toxic foods and chemicals from my life I became more in tune with my body and now I can recognize what foods agree with me and what doesn’t.

K: I truly believe there is a process involved. You just have to start somewhere and then everything else will follow in time. My advice is to start small like cutting out one bad food that you know isn't good for you personally and work your way through it from there.

Being organized helps as well by researching why you’re doing what you are doing. The knowledge you get from your research can really help you head in the direction that you feel is right for you. I don’t think there is any one thing that makes someone healthy, it's really getting to know your body and listening to how it works. This does become easier once you start eliminating things from your diet.  

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