Start of fall: prepare your skin for the turning of the leaves


Start of fall: prepare your skin for the turning of the leaves

21 September 18

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Summer has flown by but all good things come to an end. Exit summer, welcome fall. Think: pumpkins, beautifully coloured leaves, and cosy times with friends & family. As the leaves are turning, we also need to change our skincare routine. The weather is getting colder and we need to renew our skin from the summer’s damage en prepare it for winter. Let’s do this!


1. Re-hydrate & pre-hydrate


You might produce more oil, but in summer your skin gets dehydrated. As fall comes around it’s very important to hydrate that skin again twice a day with a heavier moisturizer or add a couple of drops of serum to your summer moisturizer. We need to prepare our skin for the cold winter. Don’t forget about your hands and start using hand cream everyday.



30656779_10214939884558041_5437981784228757504_n_0.jpg2. Renew your skin


The sun can give you a healthy glow but also some skin damage. If you’re left with sunspots or your tan is fading in patches than it’s a great idea to gently exfoliate your skin. Do it not more than once a week so your skin won’t be irritated. 


Use Magnificent Mandarine to scrub your body and renew your skin. For your face you can mix some Recette de Pureté cleansing oil with brown sugar for a gentle exfoliation.


3. Protect


Keep on protecting your skin against the sun! As the weather gets colder and we’re seeing less sun, we think we can skip the protection. When it’s cloudy & grey the damaging UV-rays still come through as well as pollution & other external stress. Lucky for you, our day and night creams all contain a natural protection against the sun and external stress.



Discover which day and night cream you should use according to your skin type and the seasons in our daycreamfinder.


Have a cosy fall!


Love, the CÎME-team

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