Detox Gift Guide


Detox Gift Guide

11 December 18

Christmas is on its way and that means.. time for presents of course! Do you know a real foodie who absolutely adores the holiday season and who will benefit from a detox moment afterwards? Lucky you, because we created the perfect Christmas gift! We teamed up with 'Or Tea?' and created two lovely detox boxes. Limited edition, so be quick!

You can choose between:



Easy peasy detox, to keep your skin glowing

Green tea therapy body lotion

+ Detox tea from ‘Or Tea?’

Price: € 23.70





Me-time detox, to keep your skin glowing

Green tea therapy body lotion

+ Magnificent Mandarine bath salt

+ Detox tea from ‘Or Tea?’

Price: € 43.70



What makes these combos such a great detox?


The secret behind this detox lies in the superfoods, which are present in the body lotion, the bath salt and in the detox tea. These superfoods are curcuma extract and green tea. Curcuma is a powerful antioxidant that preserves the elasticity of the skin, making the skin look totally healthy and glowy. In addition to this, the rich amount of caffeine in green tea promotes blood circulation and the breakdown of fat cells, so that the skin retains its firmness.


Green tea therapy - firming body lotion


  • Himalayan green tea: The rich ammount of caffeine in green tea pomotes circulation and the breakdown of fat cells, making your skin smoother and firmer
  • Himalayan curcuma extract: This extract is renowned for its anti-oxidant and collagen protecting properties. It keeps your skin healthy and prevents signs of aging.


Magnificent Mandarine - detox bodyscrub & bath salt


  • Himalayan curcuma oil: This oil is known for its anti-oxidant and collagen protective properties. It will help to clear your pores to make your skin look great.
  • Himalayan juniper oil: This purifying oil stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the skin and removes toxins.


Detoxania - detox tea from 'Or Tea?'


  • Green tea
  • Curcuma
  • Juniper


How to detox step by step:


1) Time for a relaxing bath with Magnificent Mandarine. Throw a spoonful of the bath salt in your bath and enjoy the refreshing and energetic scent of green mandarin. During the first 20 minutes all toxins are removed from the body. The next 20 minutes, the skin absorbs all minerals, vitamins and superfoods from the Magnificent Mandarine. Tip: the bath salt can also be used as a body scrub, by mixing the salt with our l'Huile by CÎME. Click here to read more about taking a detox bath.


2) Relax with a delicious Detoxania tea from 'Or Tea?'. This organic blend of green tea and turmeric has an anti-bacterial and anti-tiring effect on the body.


3) Pamper your skin with Green tea therapy. This firming body lotion nourishes even the most dry skin intensely and visibly restores the elasticity. We guarantee you a smooth and firm skin after the holiday season!

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