cooperation with local farmers

The magnificent biodiversity in the Himalayan region is our most important source of inspiration and ingredients.

In cooperation with our partner organizations in Nepal, we have embarked on the sustainable collection of wild growing Himalayan herbal ingredients, as well as the organic cultivation of herbs used in the CÎME products, such as Palmarosa, Chamomile and Edelweiss.

These herbal ingredients are processed locally. This not only allows the local farmers to sell a more advanced product, but also reduces our ecologic footprint drastically (instead of importing tons of plants, we transport a limited amount of highly concentrated liquids).

By using CÎME products, you can help build sustainable local economies, thereby offering a reliable way for farmers and their families to improve their livelihood.

local farmers collecting wintergreen in nepal himalaya for cîme organic skincare

Wintergreen (Gaultheria fragrantissima) collection in Nepal, used in our Himalaya Universal Balm.
Cooperation with local farmers in Nepal Himalaya cîme

Cooperation with local farmers production of chiuri butter

Production of Chiuri butter, pressed from the nuts of a tree (Diploknema butyracea Roxb.) that grows naturally on steep slopes in the lower Himalayan hills.

Cooperation with local farmers chamomille Nepal Himalaya cîme

Chamomile field in the Nepalese Terai area