Soothe & heal burned skin


Soothe & heal burned skin

22 August 17


Enjoying a tropical vacation under the glowing sun, we love it! Although sometimes we have the bad habit of staying out a little too long. Slathering yourself in sunscreen is essential on a sunny vacation, but even this precaution can’t always prevent us from getting sunburnt.


What do you do when you notice a little red patch of skin at the end of a sunny day? Well, we have the perfect solution! You could say it’s a first aid remedy for sunburn that we learned from our grandmother. ;)

To treat your burned skin you’ll need a fresh aloe vera plant.

  • Cut open the leaves of the plant and score the inside of the plant with your knife.
  • This will loosen the aloe so that you can collect it on a tray.
  • Spread this aloe gelly on the damaged skin and you’ll immediately feel the soothing effects.
  • Repeat this two or three times a day until the skin has recovered.


Don’t have an aloe plant nearby? Or no time to go through this process? Our Himalaya first aid balm is your savior. This balm has healing properties and will soothe your irritated skin. The skin will be nourished and will recover faster.


Another plus: this balm can also be used against bug bites and in case of bruises. A must-have on vacation! 


The CÎME team

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