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Our secret for a natural sun protection!

by Leen Cammaerts |

Summer is here again! With the sun shining much more often and harder, it is very important to protect your skin from the strong UV rays. Our day and night creams contain a base of natural sun protection thanks to the edelweiss and sea buckthorn berry extract in our formulas. We explain below how these natural ingredients can provide your skin with basic daily protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Know that you should apply sunscreen repeatedly when you expose your skin to the sun for an entire day. A day cream that you apply once a day in the morning will therefore not be able to protect you enough for a full day of sunshine on your face! That’s why we advise you to give your skin the necessary extra protection with a natural sunscreen.

Our day creams with natural sun protection

Our range includes three day & night creams, all of which contain natural sun protection:


Why a natural sun protection?

It is always said that you can prevent skin cancer by using sunscreen, but according to various scientific studies, it appears that the use of regular sunscreens can even elevate the risk of melanoma. Sunscreens keep UV rays from damaging your skin, greatly reducing the risk of the non-malignant cancers. But if the UV protectants contained in sunscreen are absorbed by the skin, the number of free radicals in the body increases. These free radicals increase the risk of the most malignant form of skin cancer: melanoma. There are a number of substances often found in sunscreens that can lead to skin cancer or other toxic reactions and imbalances in the body.

The solution: protect your skin from the ill effects of UV radiation by using natural protection!

Harmful for the environment
Aside from being potentially dangerous for our skin, standard sun creams can also be harmful to the environment. When swimming in the sea or river water while wearing sunscreen, the water can get polluted. Oxybenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreens, damages coral reefs, for example. The chemical bleaches the coral and interferes with its growth.
Natural sunscreens, with mineral sun filters instead of chemical filters, are entirely safe for the environment and your body. The mineral filters add a layer on top of the skin with minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that reflect the sun and give you the protection you need. The minerals don’t penetrate your skin and therefore won’t cause imbalances in your body. Also the coral life remains undisturbed!



This plant grows at high altitudes and therefore has developed various defense mechanisms to survive the cold temperatures and intense sunlight. As a result, the plant contains powerful antioxidants that can protect the skin from external stress factors and nourish and repair skin cells. These antioxidants are the secret of natural protection against UV radiation.

How does this natural sun protection based on Edelweiss extract work exactly?

Skin aging (and skin damage) is not only caused by our genes, but also by external factors. The main external factors that cause skin aging are:

  1. UV rays,
  2. free radicals (e.g. from sun exposure) and
  3. the inflammation and cell destruction that result from the two previous factors.

Edelweiss extract provides protection against these three elements. Why? Edelweiss is a super concentrated antioxidant!

Antioxidant Properties: This is the most striking property of Edelweiss extract. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent unwanted oxidation and therefore unwanted free radical formation. What this means is that Edelweiss extract provides protection against exposure of our cells to sun rays, thus preventing UV radiation damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.


Our day and night creams offer a basic protection against harmful sun rays. On days when the sun is shining hard and bright, we always recommend using an additional natural sunscreen. After all, sunscreen should also be applied several times a day.
Note: A day and night cream that you apply once in the morning does not replace sunscreen that you apply multiple times a day when your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time. We therefore recommend you to protect your skin with a natural sunscreen as well.

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