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200,000 Plastic bags saved from the ocean

by Geraldine Foley |

As the first Belgian skincare brand, we relaunched our popular day and night creams - Under My Skin and Daisy Delight - last year in Ocean Waste Plastic packaging!  One packaging of these creams equals four plastic bags rescued from our oceans! In total, we saved 200,000 plastic bags from the ocean since launching these newly packaged products.

CÎME x ocean waste plastic

We are always looking for the most sustainable alternatives! That’s why we use natural ingredients without pesticides, why all are packaging is recyclable and why we there is no animal testing. Furthermore, we work together with Nepalese farmers for our Himalayan Superfoods. So ocean waste plastic suits us perfectly.

The team behind our new packaging works together with local fishermen in Indonesia to remove plastic from our oceans. This is the plastic used to produce our new packaging. This not only makes our planet a little greener, but also provides additional income for Indonesian fishermen. That is why we’re relaunching the ‘Under My Skin’ and ‘Daisy Delight’ day and night cream in ocean waste plastic packaging.

How do you contribute?

Quite simple, you help make our planet greener without actually having to do anything. Each time you buy one of our creams, 4 plastic bags are fished out of the ocean on your account. Something you can still do at home is to ensure that you sort the empty packaging correctly. And no worries, the formula of your favorite moisturizer has not changed.

How do they make these packaging?

The team behind ocean waste plastic packaging works together with various local partners around the Philippine Sea, Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean. They collect waste from the oceans, rivers and beaches. This waste is transported to local sorting facilities where the plastic is sorted from the waste. The plastic is then sorted by color and by type. After that it’s thoroughly cleaned and when it’s clean enough it gets melted into pellets. With these pellets they make new ocean waste plastic packaging!

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