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Interview: Communication Intern Jona

by Jona De Graeve |

Get to know our communication intern Jona! Do you want to know how it is to intern at CÎME? Keep on reading. We are always looking for enthusiastic interns so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Describe yourself. 


I’m Jona Anna, student communication management (I’m almost graduating!). I love fashion, beauty & skincare. I used to be an intensive dancer but I had to quit for my health. Today there’s nothing I love more than organising parties and hanging out with friends & family and going to my youth movement.


Everyone is always surprised when they hear I’m in a youth movement. I’m responsible for the little ones at Yieha! vzw – a youth movement for children between 5-18 years old with or without a disability. I’m very proud of our inclusive organisation and alongside fashion & beauty I’m very passionate by it. 


Age? – Sex? – Skin type? 


25 years – Woman – Combination 


How did you meet CÎME?


I was looking for an internship in the fashion en beauty world. I was almost going to intern in London until my teacher sent me the vacancy for CÎME. I immediately knew this internship was perfect for me. 


What do you do at CÎME?


Together with Tess, I’m responsible for the communication of CÎME. During my internship I was responsible for the social media (Instagram & Facebook) and the blog.


Which is you favourite CÎME product and why?


L’Huile by CÎME hands down! I love using different oils for my skin, body and hair. When I discovered the dry oil from CÎME, I immediately fell in love because of the nice glow it gives you. The soft en sweet smell is very nice and the oil absorbs fast. I use it while I’m in the sun because of the carrot extract and during the weekend my hair “bathes” in it. I put l’Huile by CÎME on my hair, braid my hair and not wash is until the next day.


I also love the Himalaya balm (I always bump into things and the balm is perfect for bruises ;p).



What’s you ultimate beauty tip?


I have too many! The most important are: drinking a lot of water, cleanse your skin every night and use a moisturizer and SPF every single day. It’s very important to hydrate your skin even when you have imperfections. I give my skin a deep clean every week with a clay mask, scrub and hydrating mask. 


I love make-up but always keep it fresh and neutral. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty! That’s why I use one bronzer that I use for eye shadow, blush and bronzer. This way your make-up looks more natural and cohesive. 


Always in your make-up bag:


Mascara, bronzer, highlighter, concealer & lip balm! Oh and perfume, I spray it on my hair to make it last longer. People say I always smell good, so it must work I guess?


Would you recommend CÎME to future students?


Yes! I’ve had a very fun time at CÎME. If you want to intern in a small and young company and you have a passion for skincare than this is your perfect match! The people at CÎME are so sweet and friendly; I’m going to miss everyone. 


I was mainly responsible for the social media and blog and loved that I could combine my passion for communication and skincare. At CÎME you have the freedom to be yourself and introduce your own ideas. I loved being creative while working on new blogposts and taking pictures. 


Love, Jona

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